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Bat Mitzvah Programme 2017

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Synagogue: Finchley
Date: Monday, 31st July 2017
Time: 7.30 - 9pm
Finchley United Synagogue
Kinloss Gardens
N3 3DU ( Map link )
Description: Parent & Daughter Bat Mitzvah Programme

We are offering Parents and Daughters the opportunity to come together for four sessions over the year where we will be focusing on specific aspects of Jewish life that are key to becoming Bat Mitzvah.


·       Mitzvot – Challah and Shabbat Candles 

In  this session we will be exploring two mitzvot specifically for women: the mitzvot of Taking Challah and Lighting Shabbat Candles. We will delve in to the texts to gain a greater understanding and make our own Shabbat candles.


·       Talmud Torah

Coming together in the Liora Graham Beit Midrash we will be learning in pairs (chevruta) Mishna and Gemera, understanding the importance of learning Torah. (Workbook and Formatted Gemera attached. I would also hand them a copy of the actual daf with a 30 second explanation of what is on the page. I also add the transliteration onto the formatted gemara page for those that cannot read Hebrew.)


·       Chesed

On this occasion we will be guests at the GIFT warehouse where we will be packing food parcels and brainstorming chesed opportunities that we can all participate in.


·       Community & Siyum

Joining Rabbi Lawrence in his home we will celebrate the completion of our programme with a Siyum and Seudah (celebratory meal) where we will be discussing the importance of being part of a Community and the definition of Bat Mitzvah.

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