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CRP Secondary 2019/20

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Synagogue: Woodside Park
Date: Wednesday, 8th January 2020
Woodside Park United Synagogue
Woodside Park Road
N12 8RZ ( Map link )
Description: CRP Registration at WPS

Thank you for your interest in registering to collect Certificate of Religious Practice (CRP) points at Woodside Park Synagogue in application for entry to a Secondary School in September 2020.


For Primary School/Nursery CRP points registration please visit


Attendance can be recorded at Shabbat services up to 11 January 2020 but not on High Holy Days or Friday Night services.


Please ensure that you have registered by 10am on the WEDNESDAY before the first Shabbat you wish your child/ren to attend. If you register after Wednesday, the card may not be set up until the following week. You only need to register once, before your first visit.


There is a requirement for a parent/carer to commit 2 dates that they are willing to supervise the Senior Children’s services. In addition to the person running each service, United Synagogue safeguarding policies require that a second adult must be present at all times during each service. As such, in order to register to collect CRP points for applications to secondary schools, the shul requires the parent / carer of each child to commit to attend 2 services. The responsibilities are minimal – simply remain in the service as an observer at all times and where necessary encourage children to listen and participate.


Selecting dates can be done online via and dates are issued on a 'first come - first served' basis. This may mean that you will need act as the ‘2nd adult’ after your child has completed the CRP process, however we ask that you all commit to do this to support the running of this important activity for our community – without volunteers this would not be possible. A card for collection of points will not be issued until a parent/carer has selected 2 dates.


Please obtain and read carefully the schools’ CRP form.  It is your sole responsibility to ensure that you meet the schools’ criteria, deadlines and entry requirements. The Synagogue is not in a position to give any advice on school admissions.

Please note that the shul reserves the right not to record attendance for children that do not attend the entire children’s service or who disrupt services (notwithstanding children with special needs).

Once you have collected enough points, please email Ruth Starr with the details of the schools you are applying for, and she will email back letters for each school that confirm attendance at Synagogue and that can be printed out and submitted with your application.

Please visit for further information.

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