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Synagogue: Stanmore & Canons Park
Date: Sunday, 22nd December 2019
Time: 9:30am 12pm Sun-Wed
Stanmore and Canons Park United Synagogue
London Road
HA7 4NS ( Map link )
Description: kick-start a new era in your Jewish learning

In 2018, several communities came together to produce a wholesome Jewish learning programme. With 200 people, 13 speakers and 4 focussed tracks across 4 mornings, Bereishit came into existence with a bang! Welcome to our improved 2019 programme! We present four exceptional, inspiring keynotes and four very different tracks and sessions. And on top of that, we invite you to enjoy top educators and speakers from communities and beyond. Build text skills, explore everyday living, delve into philosophy and discover Jewish wisdom to relationships – it is all here!

For full schedule. see our temporary website

Children's programme throughout - this must be booked via the link too 

Keynote Speakers

Sunday 22nd- Esti Hamilton- why do bad things happen to good people, a personal story

Monday 23rd- Presentation by Rami Sherman, operations Manager, Entebbe

Tuesday 24th- Interview with Adam Green, Beresheet Rocket Manager

Wednesday 25th- Rabbi Joey Grunfeld, Seed National Director- How can we beat the Greeks?

Thank you to a wonderful committee, including Anthony Angel, Louise Moont, Brad Reznik, Justine Hassel, Marc Duke, Adam Tash 
(and where else can you get a big winter holidays breakfast...)
Experience a huge range of topics including: KLBD the Inside Story, Conflict Management, A Jewish Wedding Explained, A Journey through the Amidah, Freewill & End of Life Issues, Jews vs Greeks, History of Chanukah vs Christmas, The Philosophy of Parenting, Why would God create a World, The Spectrum of Views on Modern Israel, in-depth Gemara text track (Dayan Simons, Rabbi Dov Birnbaum, Rabbi YB Lierbman, Rabbi Peretz Goldstein), Honouring Parents in 2019, Is joy a mitzvah, Giving the Benefit of the Doubt, Revenge & Grudges, Visiting the Sick & Comforting Mourners, Returning Lost Property, Upgrading Speech, and more...
Educators including Rabbi Eli Schoemann, Aryeh Sampson, Aviva Landau, Rabbi Marc Levene, Rabbi Nick Kett, Ilana Epstein, Rabbi Dr Yoni Birnbaum, Rabbi Shlomo Odze, Judith Nemeth, Talya Rose, Rabbi Dovid Rose, Rabbi Alan Garber, Rabbi Benji Landau, Rabbi Daniel Fine, Rabbi Peretz Goldtsein, Rabbi Daniel Epstein...
For those who want, Shachrit at Stanmore is at 8:30 on Sunday 22nd, 7am on Monday & Tuesday, and 8:15 on the Wednesday

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