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Kaddish Buddy Project - Request

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Synagogue: US Central
Date: Sunday, 5th July 2020

Among the many hardships and painful experiences since the onset of coronavirus, the inability of being able to say Kaddish has been one of the most painful and ongoing challenges for mourners.


Kaddish is recited both for the elevation of the soul of the departed and to give comfort to the bereaved. In light of this the US has set up a facility to enable Kaddish to be recited on your behalf by someone in Israel attending a legal Minyan. We will match your request with a volunteer who has agreed to say Kaddish at least once a day for one person or at least once a day on a Yahrtzeit. 


Please choose one of the options below and fill out your details.


You will reciei

You will receive an email confiming your request and a further email once we have confirmed your match with a volunteer.


  Please consider making a donation for this service - proceeds will go to fund US chesed care packages.


Wishing you Chayim Aruchim and hoping you will be able to say Kaddish yourself very soon.

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