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Shabbat Service

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Synagogue: Cranbrook United Synagogue
Cranbrook United Synagogue
22 Beehive Lane
Gants Hill
Description: Shabbat Service

Please ensure you read the following safety messages:-

It is suggested that anyone over 70 should not attend.  However, members who wish to attend do so at their own risk.

If you are feeling even slightly unwell, please do not attend the Shul.

You will need to bring a face covering to Shul which must be worn over the mouth and nose for the duration of your time on the Site.  If you have a medical reason why you are unable to wear a face covering you must telephone the Shul office and advise them before you book in to attend a service.

Please ensure you wash your hands before you come to Shul. We will supply you with alcohol based anti-bacterial sanitiser on your arrival to Shul.

There will be a queue outside the front gate as you will be checked in by name before being given access to the Shul.

Unfortunately, if your name is not on the list, you will not be allowed into the Shul. This is a legal requirement.

Please always keep 2 metres apart from anyone else.

Your temperature will be taken before entering the Shul.

You will be directed to an allocated, socially distanced seat in the Shul.

The cloakrooms are closed so please keep your belongings with you at all times.

Please bring your own Tallit, Siddurim and Chumashim if possible. If you wish to bring your own they will be placed in a plastic bag after the service with your Tallit and left in the seat where you are sitting.

You will not be able to shake hands or sing.

Only one person will be allowed to enter the toilets at a time. Please check the free/occupied signs on the door of the toilets. We ask that anyone using the toilets wipe it after use with the antibacterial wipes provided and put it in the waste bin. PLEASE DO NOT FLUSH IT IN THE TOILET AND MAKE SURE THAT YOU WASH YOUR HANDS THOROUGHLY AND USE THE SANITISER PROVIDED.


Cranbrook United Synagogue

Description Price Quantity
17/10/2020 Shabbat Men's 10am
17/10/2020 Shabbat Ladies 10am
17/10/2020 Shabbat Ladies Downstairs 10am
24/10/2020 Shabbat Men's 10am
24/10/2020 Shabbat Ladies 10am
24/10/2020 Shabbat Ladies Downstairs

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