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Morning Prayer Services

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Synagogue: Cranbrook United Synagogue
Date: Monday, 31st August 2020
Time: 8.30am
Cranbrook United Synagogue
22 Beehive Lane
Gants Hill
Description: Sunday 2nd August Shacharit

 Please bring a face covering to shul. You will need to wear this for the duration of your time on the Site.

·         If you are feeling even slightly unwell please do not attend the Shul.

·         Anyone over 70 or shielding is recommended not to attend.

·         Please bring your own tissues to Shul in case you need to cough or sneeze. Please take any used tissues away with you.

·         Please bring your own Tallis, Siddurim and Chumashim if possible. If you wish to bring your own they will be placed in a plastic bag after the service with your Tallit and left in the seat where you are sitting.

·         Please always keep 2m apart from anyone else.

·         You will not be able to shake hands or come close to anyone else.

·         Please ensure you wash your hands before you come to Shul. We will supply you with alcohol based anti-bacterial sanitiser on your arrival to Shul.

·         You will not be able to sit in your regular seats but will be directed to sit in an allocated socially distanced seat in the Shul.

·         Please try to avoid having to use the toilets if at all possible.  One person may enter the toilets at a time.  Please check the free/occupied signs on the door of the toilets.

·         There will be a queue outside the front gate as you will be checked in by name before being given access to the Shul.   

We will take whatever precautions are possible to make the Site as safe as we can. There is however always a risk of contracting Covid-19 and people should make their own decisions with this in mind.

Description Price Quantity
16/08/2020 Sunday morning 8.30am
17/08/2020 Monday Morning Service 7.30am
20/08/2020 Thursday Morning Service 7.30am

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